Motorcycle Course Guide

Washington Motorcycle Safety Training

Answer the questions below to guide you to the easiest and most efficient path to your permit then your endorsement! If there is no availability, please contact the office for standby and a wait list.

Which style of motorcycle are you wanting to learn?

 is a driving school for motorcycles, our goal is to provide you with the physical and mental skills you need to negotiate today’s challenging roads in the Puget Sound Area.

We work hard to make sure each rider/student receive, not only important knowledge with hands-on skills training, but enjoyment in beginning or continuing their life of motorcycling. We are also here to answer any questions you have regarding motorcycles, riding gear, and of course motorcycle training.

Getting your motorcycle endorsement in Washington requires you passing a permit Knowledge and Skills test followed by an endorsement level Knowledge and Skills test. Riders must first obtain a motorcycle permit before they can obtain their full endorsement.