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Getting your motorcycle 3 wheel endorsement requires you passing a both a Knowledge and Skills test.

3 wheel endorsement level safety courses include a DOL Knowledge test and Skills test that corresponds with the course level.

3 Wheel Motorcycle

‘s 3-wheel motorcycle training is a one day course for riders new to 3-wheel motorcycles.  This course progresses through controls, starting, accelerating, stopping, turning, body position and street strategies.  This course includes the written and skills test required to obtain your 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement.

is partnered with Can-Am 3-Wheel On-Road Motorcycles.  Can-Am generously provides 3-wheel motorcycles for  student use in our courses.  

A sidecar or standard trike can be reserved on a limited basis.  Riders must contact  in advance to reserve one and already have the ability to operate a clutch.  

 It may be necessary for motorcycles to be shared during 3-wheel courses.

You will receive a course confirmation from Motorcycle@GoWMST.com following your registration. This confirmation contains important information regarding your course. Be sure to locate it and review it carefully.

The road to obtaining your 3-wheel training
and peace of mind riding has never been easier. ​

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Washington Motorcycle Safety Training

Motorcycle Endorsement

Riders must first obtain a motorcycle permit before they can obtain their full endorsement.

Department of Licensing

WMST is an approved provider of Washington's Department of Licensing 2 wheel and 3 wheel motorcycle training courses as well as permit and endorsement Skills and Knowledge testing.

3 Wheel Motorcycle course is sponsored by Can-Am

To check availability by location and sign up for a 3 wheel motorcycle course click on the register button for more info.

You will receive a course confirmation within 2 business days after registering for a course with Can-Am



DOL testing included
$ 99 8 hours of training
1 day course
  • 3 hours in the classroom
  • Endorsement Knowledge test
  • 5 hours riding on the range
  • Endorsement Skills test
3 Wheel

Prices as of 2022

Getting your 3 wheel motorcycle endorsement in Washington requires you passing a Knowledge and Skills test. Training motorcycles and testing included with the course.