3 Wheel Motorcycle Course

Washington Motorcycle Safety Training


DOL approved testing included
$ 149* 1 day course
  • Informative classroom session
  • Endorsement Knowledge test
  • Skill building range exercises
  • Endorsement Skills test

* Promotional price for a limited time

motorcycle riders learning how to ride a three wheel motorcycle in auburn washington

3 Wheel | Endorsement Course

Three Wheel Motorcycle

‘s 3-wheel motorcycle training is a one day course for riders new to 3-wheel motorcycles.  This course progresses through controls, starting, accelerating, stopping, turning, body position and street strategies.  This course includes the written and skills test required to obtain your 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement.  Review the Motorcycle Opertor Manual before your 3-wheel class.   

is partnered with Can-Am 3-Wheel On-Road Motorcycles.  Can-Am generously provides 3-wheel motorcycles for  student use in our courses.  

A sidecar or standard trike can be reserved on a very limited basis.  Riders must contact in advance to reserve a rig other than a Can-Am and already have the ability to operate a clutch.  

 It is often necessary for motorcycles to be shared during 3-wheel courses.

Come prepared to ride with the required riding safety gear:

  • A helmet that meets DOT standards 
  • Long jeans or heavier material pants with no rips, tears or holes
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket that is weather appropriate
  • Eye protection such as glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses or goggles
  • Sturdy boots that cover the ankle with no more than a 1-inch heel.  No canvas high tops or boots with an elastic ankle covering.  Riding boots must be sturdy and provide a high level of abrasion protection for the foot and ankle.  
  • Gloves that are well fitting and cover the entire hand such as mechanic or motorcycle riding gloves that provide abrasion protection, grip and the ability to operate hand controls.  No bulky or snow gloves. 

In compliance with strict DOL requirements, you will not be able to ride without the above required riding gear.  Arriving without the required riding gear is a forfeit of your tuition.  


You will receive a course confirmation from Motorcycle@GoWMST.com following your registration. This confirmation contains important information regarding your course. Be sure to locate it and review it carefully.

I got my three wheel motorcycle endorsement at WMST and we learned a lot and had so much fun! I feel much more comfortable after the class . We had a fair amount of rain during the class so be prepared to bring your waterproof gear. On my way to the motorcycle dealership! 🙂
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Three Wheel Motorcycle
Endorsement Course

We offer this courses multiple times a week and at several different locations across Western Washington!  

Getting your motorcycle endorsement in Washington requires you passing a permit Knowledge and Skills test followed by an endorsement level Knowledge and Skills test. Riders must first obtain a motorcycle permit before they can obtain their full endorsement.