Add a Motorcycle Permit or
Endorsement to Your License

Washington Motorcycle Safety Training

You don't have a permit or endorsement until you add it to your own license.

If your license is valid for more than one year you will replace your license just as if you’ve lost it.

If your license is valid for less than one year you can renew it now. 

You can add your permit or endorsement by visiting the Department of Licensing or conveniently online.

Washington residents that meet the following criteria are eligible to use the DOL’s online services to add a motorcycle permit or endorsement to their driver license: 

  • Passed the required tests within the last 180 days
  • Must have a current valid Washington driver license
  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Not have a CDL endorsement

You’ll see the permit or endorsement when you get to the payment screen.   

Don’t delay!  Scores are valid for 180 days.  You cannot add your permit if your scores are expired.  You must have valid permit scores or a valid permit to add your endorsement.  Permits are valid for 180 days from the date of issuance and can only be renewed one time.  It cannot be renewed if you allow it to expire.  

Active Military Riders

Active military personnel that are taking training off-base will follow a different procedure. They will need to contact their safety office on-base. 

Under 18

Washington residents under 18 must have a parent signature to apply for a motorcycle permit or endorsement. They will need to visit a Licensing Office to add a motorcycle permit or endorsement to their driver license.

Riders with a CDL

If you have a Washington driver license with a CDL endorsement you will need to visit a Licensing Office to add your permit or endorsement. 


Don't let your scores or permit expire!

All scores are valid for 180 days.  Your Permit is valid for 180 days form the date of issuance.  You cannot add your endorsement without a valid permit or scores.  Know your deadlines and do not let them pass.  You’ll be required to retest if you allow your scores or permit to expire.    


  • Log in to License eXpress
  • Select “Renew your license” if you are eligible for renewal (within 1 year of expiration). If you are not eligible for renewal, select “Replace your license”.  
  • Verify your information on the Identity information and Physical appearance screens.  
  • On the New Card/Payment screen, you should see the Endorsement and Restriction codes below:

A motorcycle permit will be shown as an O for Motorcycle Permit and J for Two-Wheel only, Three-Wheel only, or Two- and Three-Wheel.

A motorcycle endorsement will be shown as an L for Motorcycle Endorsement and J for Two-Wheel only, Three-Wheel only, or Two- and Three-Wheel. 

  • Continue through the remaining screens until you arrive at the Summary screen. Verify that your Motorcycle permit or endorsement is listed in the Endorsement and Restrictions section of your Summary. Submit your payment information and complete your transaction. 
  • Print a temporary paper copy of your driver license to carry with you until you receive your new hard-copy driver license with the motorcycle permit or endorsement added. You will receive your new credential within 2 to 4 weeks.