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Motorcycle Instructors

‘s instructors are the key to our steady growth & successful operation in Western Washington.  Check here often to stay up to date with new information and notable changes

There is a significant amount of helpful and useful information here, but only if you take the time to truly look at it.  

Below you’ll find the class report form, all forms needed to run a class, testing forms and resources, site checklists, LTR handouts, MSF Rider Handbook,  WMSP and WMST P&P and more.  Scroll down and familiarize yourself with what resources have been compiled for you here.  

WMST | Motorcycle Course Forms

BRP | 3 Wheel Course Waiver

WMST | Site Checklist

WMST | Permit & Endorsement Testing

BMC | Materials

Learn to Ride | Handouts

MSF | Rider Handbook

References and Resources

New Instructor Paperwork

Foreign language manuals and tests are now available.

Students are provided a link via email to the original MOM and new foreign language manuals.  Printed foreign language tests have been distributed to all locations.  The languages available are Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Russian.  Two copies of each test will be in each classroom.  Once they are in use, please let us know if we need to provide more than two copies of any given language. All tests are version A and can be scored using the existing A key.

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