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WMST, Seattle Cossacks, First Financial Bank Northwest, and Washington Kids in Transition had a great time executing the live streaming inaugural Target Zero for Heroes event on May 22, 2021.


This event was organized to raise awareness of motorcycle safety and promote the Washington Traffic Safety Commission’s Target Zero program in May, during Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.  We wanted to take a moment to shine the light on the important work and mission of Washington Kids in Transition, the worthy cause we chose to support.  


We were entertained by two 20 minute shows performed by the amazing Seattle Cossacks. This talented group has been providing awe-inspiring entertainment on 1930’s to 1940’s Harley Davidson motorcycles since 1938.  


The Washington Motorcycle Safety Training Instructor team demonstrated some riding tips for safer riding. WMST‘s Chris Johnson spoke about the value of rider training and discussed braking on a motorcycle with ABS versus without ABS.


We all got the opportunity to meet Kim Gorney, the founder of Washington Kids in Transition.  Washington Kids in Transition has offered support to countless homeless children in Washington.  This organization is unique and amazing on so many levels.  They provide Washington kids in homeless situations with temporary accommodation vouchers and rental deposits, access to free clothing, food, personal care items and educational support.  Washington Kids in Transition helps support homeless children so that they can be successful through this very hard transitional period in their lives and be prepared for success as they move forward and beyond this difficult time for them and their family.  


We were determined to do our part to raise awareness of these worthy causes.  You can view the event by visiting. If you feel drawn, please click on the Washington Kids in Transition Donation link and donate to this amazing cause and to make an incredible impact on a child’s current situation and the future they envision for themselves.  This is a challenging time in our community, country, and the world.  Could you imagine living with the added pressure of not knowing where you’ll sleep or rest, what you’ll eat or wear and still meet the demands of school and life?  Together we can do so much to positively impact these young people’s ability to succeed.  

Be a Hero. 

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Chris Johnson WMST CEO

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