How to get your Washington State
Driver License

Washington DOL Approved Driver Education & License Testing

Driver License Testing

Getting your Drivers License in Washington State requires you passing a Knowledge and Driving Skills test. If you are under 18 years of age you are also required to complete a teen drivers education program. 

To get your drivers license you need to pass 2 tests in total.

You must pass the Knowledge test before you can take your Driver Skills test. 

Teen Drivers Education


Drivers Under 18

Designed for drivers under 18 Teen Drivers Education goes over all of the topics covered in the Washington State Knowledge & Skills driver license test.

Test #1


Department of Licensing’s Washington Drivers Knowledge test is 40 multiple choice questions on rules of the road and driver safety. 

Test #2


Department of Licensing’s Washington Drivers Skills test is road test with you behind the wheel, navigating traffic & completing driving maneuvers.  

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Drivers License Knowledge & Skills Test

To test you must be able to provide proof of identification.  

Some identification, like an expired license, will include a photo already while new permits do not include a photo therefore additional identification is needed. 

To take a test you must have one of these:

You will also need some Identification that includes a photo

Driver License Testing

DOL Approved

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 is an approved Washington State DOL license knowledge and driving skills testing center for both car and motorcycle.

We provide all Washington DOL testing materials plus you have the option to test in your car or ours. provides a  Washington State DOL Knowledge testing sessions that you can sign up for online and then just turn up at the designated time and place you selected.

If you are a  drivers’ ed student or you have tested with us before, you must login to your account, call, or come in to the office to schedule your testing.

Driver License | 2 Step Process

Earning your drivers license is a two step process.  First you need to take and pass the Knowledge test, followed by the Skills test.  If you are under 18 you are required to take drivers education before your skills test.

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Driver Guide

A comprehensive guide that covers drivers safety & rules of the road. Drivers education and the DOL Knowledge test is based off this guide.  Available in 7 languages

Download the Guide

Test #1 | Drivers Knowledge Test

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Practice Test

On roads with more than two lanes traveling in the same direction. You should:
Alcohol/Drug related offenses stay on your record for:
Bicycle lanes are marked with:
You are on a two-way street, stopped at an intersection. Can you legally turn left on a red light into a one-way street?
 This sign on the rear of a vehicle means:


Test #2 | Drivers Knowledge Test

The Skills test measures your ability to drive legally and safely. An examiner rides with you to evaluate your driving. They won’t try to confuse, trick, or ask you to do anything illegal.

Test in our car or yours

‘s driver license Skills testing includes the use of our testing car.  If you are more comfortable driving your vehicle you could test in that.

Requirements for using your own car on the drivers Skills test:

Your vehicle needs to be legally licensed and registered, and it can’t have defective parts. All three brake lights, turn signals, headlights, brakes, tires, seat belts, mirrors, defroster, windows and windshield wipers will be checked before the test begins.

Present acceptable proof of liability insurance showing the policy holder’s name or the vehicle’s description and the dates of insurance coverage.

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Watch This Video

Driver License
Skills Test Preparation

This helpful video covers what you will encounter on your drivers license Skills test. Take time to prepare for your test as it is harder than you may think. 

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I worked a lot with Lisa on the phone & she was very helpful getting me the info I needed & scheduling my appointments.  I had my driving test with Cheri & she made me feel at ease. Tests are never fun but Cheri was patient & calm!

R. Graye

Drive Skills Test

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I took my road test and warm up and it was a great experienced! I had the best instructor, very sweet, patient and helps you calm during the test! If I will take my road test again for sure I will choose WMST! Thank you!

T. Harts

Driving Test

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The BEST driving instruction facility. I took drivers education and my drivers license tests here. They not only taught me the rules of the road, but gave valuable driving tips to keep in your mind for later driving experiences. 

Laurence W

Teen Drivers Ed

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Driver License Testing

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