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Motorcycle endorsement qualifying courses are for riders that have a current Washington motorcycle permit and are ready to earn their full motorcycle endorsement. ‘s endorsement qualifying classroom session covers advanced street riding skills, improving your perception of hazards and hazardous situations, allowing you to self-evaluate your level of risk taking. Range exercises will practice advanced braking, cornering, hazard avoidance and handling techniques.

Endorsement qualifying 8 hour courses include a 3 hour classroom session and a 5 hour range session designed to help you successfully pass the endorsement knowledge and endorsement skills tests included with your course.

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You must have a permit Issued within the last 180 days

to take the endorsement qualifying course

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Washington Motorcycle Safety Training

Motorcycle Endorsement

Riders must first obtain a motorcycle permit before they can obtain their full endorsement.

Department of Licensing

WMST is an approved provider of Washington's Department of Licensing 2 wheel and 3 wheel motorcycle training courses as well as permit and endorsement Skills and Knowledge testing.

2 Wheel Motorcycle Endorsement

A Lot of Motorcycle Experience

You must have a permit Issued within the last 180 days to take the endorsement qualifying course.​

To check availability by location and sign up for a 2 wheel motorcycle course click on the register button for more info. If there is no availability, please contact the office for Standby and wait list.


DOL testing included
$ 225 8 hours of training
1 day course
  • 3 hours in the classroom
  • Endorsement Knowledge test
  • 5 hours riding on the range
  • Endorsement Skills test
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Prices as of 2022