WMST Frequently Asked Questions



Motorcycle Courses are being held in our classrooms.


How do I get a motorcycle endorsement? 

Obtaining your full motorcycle endorsement is a two step process.  You first earn a motorcycle permit by passing a permit knowledge test, (25 questions), and permit level skills test.  After you have passed permit level testing, you move on to the endorsement level knowledge test, (50 questions) and endorsement level skills test.  WMST permit level and endorsement level safety courses include a knowledge test and a skills test that corresponds with the course level. 

Do you have a motorcycle I can use in the class?

Yes!  We have a large fleet of training motorcycles for students to use in our safety courses.  You can use your own motorcycle if it meets our minimum requirements listed below.  

How Do I Choose a Class?

2 Wheel Motorcycles

If you have never ridden a motorcycle or had any experience riding a scooter, ATV or off road vehicle the KickStart is an introductory, hands on class that will give you the very basics of motorcycle controls and operation. This low stress 3 hour class will get you ready to advance to the beginner permit course with confidence.  There is no classroom portion or testing in this pre-permit/introduction to motorcycles course.  KickStart Course

If you have very little or no riding experience, or haven’t ridden in a number of years but you are comfortable on a bicycle and understand the operation of a clutch, the beginner permit course is for you. The beginner permit course includes the Washington State permit knowledge and skills tests.  You can use a WMST training motorcycle or use your own.  To use your own motorcycle it must meet the minimum requirements described on the course page.  Permit Qualifying Course for Beginning Riders

If you have at least 3-6 months experience with riding motorcycles, on or off-road, then the intermediate permit course is for you. The intermediate permit course includes the Washington State permit knowledge and skills test.  You can use a WMST training bike or use your own.  To use your own motorcycle it must meet the minimum requirements described on the course page.  Permit Qualifying Course for Intermediate Riders

Once you have passed the permit knowledge and skills tests and are a confident rider, you are ready for an endorsement qualifying course.  You must have a valid Washington motorcycle permit to take an endorsement course.   

Endorsement qualifying courses are for riders that have a current Washington motorcycle permit and are ready to earn their full motorcycle endorsement.  Endorsement qualifying courses cover advanced street riding skills.  Exercises will practice advanced braking, cornering, hazard avoidance and handling techniques.  The endorsement qualifying course includes the Washington State endorsement knowledge and skills test.  You can use a WMST training bike or use your own.  To use your own motorcycle it must meet the minimum requirements described on the course page. Endorsement Qualifying Course for riders with a valid permit

Did you take an endorsement qualifying course and determine you would like to pursue or need more training?  Our Street Skills course focuses on corners, trail braking and higher speed maneuvers.  This course is designed to be taken on your own motorcycle and is adequate for riders that are already endorsed or experienced riders with a valid Washington motorcycle permit.  Your motorcycle must meet the minimum requirements described on the course page.  Street Skills for experienced riders with a permit or endorsed riders

3 Wheel Motorcycles

Are you interested in learning to ride a 3 wheel motorcycle and becoming endorsed?  WMST works in partnership with Can-Am to provide approved 3 wheel motorcycle training along with the Washington DOL knowledge and skills testing required to earn your 3 wheel motorcycle endorsement.  WMST provides 3 wheel motorcycles for your training in partnership with Can-Am

If you would like to use a sidecar rig or trike instead of a Can-Am motorcycle, WMST can provide one with advance request.  You must already have the ability to operate a clutch and Contact Us in advance to request a sidecar rig or trike.     

Private Coaching

Private Coaching is available.  For assistance registering for Private Lessons, Contact Us.

We also offer private classes to meet your group or club’s needs.  To arrange for a Club Training Event, Contact Us.

Ride legally

It is illegal to ride on the road without having a valid permit or endorsement to and from a scheduled testing or course session.  We have motorcycles for your use in our safety courses. 

Passing the permit or endorsement tests does not make it legal to ride on the road.  You must go to LicenseExpress to add your motorcycle permit or endorsement.  It is not added to your license until you log in and pay the DOL fee to have it added to your new license.  After you have passed your knowledge and skills exam and your scores are entered, (3 business days), log in to add it to your license.  Permits are valid for 6 months.      

WMST Policies

Required Riding Gear

Required riding gear:

  • A helmet that meets DOT standards
  • Long jeans or heavier material pants with no rips, tears or holes.
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket that is weather appropriate.
  • Eye protection such as glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses or goggles.
  • Sturdy boots that cover the ankle with no more than a 1-inch heel.
  • Gloves that cover the entire hand.

You will not be able to ride without the required riding gear 

Personal Motorcycle Use Policy

You may use your own motorcycle, scooter or 3 wheel motorcycle instead of using one of ours.  It must pass a safety inspection that the instructors will perform at the beginning of the riding portion of the course. You will be asked to provide proof of ownership and show that you are insured on the motorcycle, scooter or 3 wheel motorcycle you plan to ride. It must be street legal, meaning all required equipment is functional and it must be registered with license plates on it. If your course is in Silverdale, you must also have a stock exhaust system to comply with noise restrictions.  

Attendance and Required Gear Policy

You must arrive on time to all portions of your course and be prepared to ride safely on the range
We must strictly adhere to the on time and prepared to ride safely policy.  Please be on time and arrive prepared with all the required riding gear listed.  If you arrive late or unprepared to any portion of your course you will not be able to continue and is a forfeit of your tuition.  Be sure you are on time and ready to ride.     

Classroom and Range Locations

Most courses have a classroom component and a range riding component. Classrooms and ranges are located in Aberdeen, Auburn, Silverdale and in Everett there are multiple classrooms supporting one large range location.  Please check the classroom and range location for the course you registered for in your class confirmation.  WMST Classroom and Range Locations

Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

Refunds will only be issued for cancellations made at least 10 days before the class. If you call to cancel less than 10 days before the class, you will forfeit your entire registration fee. If you would like to reschedule your class, there is a $25 rescheduling fee if rescheduled 10 days prior to the beginning of your class. Changes cannot be made less than 10 days before the start of your course.  If you are late, arrive unprepared or do not show up for your class, you forfeit your entire registration fee. 

How to add your permit or endorsement to your license

You are required to add your permit or endorsement to your license through the Washington LicenceExpress website.  Please see the link above to guide you through the process.  Your permit or endorsement will be available to add to your driving license three business days after successful completion of your testing.  Your permit or endorsement is not valid until you complete the process in LicenseExpress to renew or replace your driver’s license and pay the fee.  Permits are valid for 6 months.     

Do you need a skills retest?

While our instructors will do as much as possible to help you learn to ride, we can not guarantee that you will learn to ride or that you will pass the knowledge or skills exams that are required to obtain your permit or endorsement.  If you were not able to successfully complete your skills testing included in your course, please Schedule a WMST returning student retest by selecting “I am a returning student needing a skills retest” in the drop down.