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Motorcycle Expectations

To successfully complete this motorcycle course you must be prepared, on time and attend all parts of the course. You must also pass the Knowledge and Skills tests offered with your course. If you arrive late to any part of the course, miss any part of your course or are unprepared when you arrive to the riding portion of your course, you will not be able to continue. It is a
forfeit of your tuition if you arrive late, miss any portion, or are not prepared to ride safely. Please be on time and prepared
with the required riding gear.

Our motorcycle instructors will do everything within the limits of safety to coach each student to success, however, there is no guarantee that you will be able to complete this course successfully. Instructors are required to release any student who presents a safety hazard by failing to respond to coaching, for not wearing proper riding gear or if they cannot safely meet the
objective of an exercise. If you are released or leave for any reason, you forfeit your tuition.

Not Meeting Minimum Scores

Knowledge Test: If you scored less than 80% on the knowledge test or were unable to finish in the time allowed you will need to retake the knowledge test. You can sign up online for a knowledge retake test session.

Skills Test: If you fail the skills test, you can retake the test within 90 days of the end of your motorcycle course. 
There are fees associated with knowledge and skills retesting.

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Not Meeting Minimum Scores

If your motorcycle instructor recommends additional training, you will be provided options that may include repeating the same course or enrolling in a different course, or both. If your instructor feels you would benefit from slower-paced, more individualized practice they may recommend our motorcycle KickStart class in addition to retaking a beginner permit course. 

The tuition fees for additional motorcycles courses apply. Contact us if you need assistance

If you want a copy of all Course paperwork please view our document page.