Permit Qualifying Course

Beginning 2 Wheel
Motorcycle Riders

Beginning Permit Course

DOL testing included
$ 325*
  • Two Informative Classroom Sessions
  • Permit Knowledge Test
  • Two Skill Building Riding Sessions
  • Permit Skills test
  • Option to add ChampU online course
I took the Permit Qualifying Beginner Course this past weekend. I had some experience but not enough to move me out of the beginner category. The instructors were amazing and communicated very well. I felt like I got great immediate feed back and coaching the whole time and left feeling 100% more confident in my skills.
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Nicole M

Beginning | Motorcycle Permit Qualifying Course

Little to No Experience

’s beginner motorcycle permit qualifying courses provides two classroom sessions and two range sessions designed to help you successfully pass the permit knowledge and permit skills tests included with your course, preparing you to become an educated and responsible rider. 

In an exciting partnership between WMST and Yamaha Champ School you’ll be offered the chance to add the online Champ U: New Rider program to your beginner course at a deep discount.      

To register for a beginner permit level course you do not need any prior motorcycle experience but must be able to confidently ride a bicycle.  While for most people this is an appropriate initial course, please review the KickStart course to determine if it may be beneficial for you to become familiar with the very basics of the controls and operation of a motorcycle before taking the beginner course.  The Kickstart provides an introduction to clutch, throttle and brake control to insure you have a foundation for success in the beginner permit course.   It is important that you Understand the Expectation of this course.    

This course offers the basics of motorcycling and rider safety skills at a pace that is appropriate for most new riders, or riders returning to motorcycling. Classroom sessions cover important topics for novice riders and information to help you pass the Washington motorcycle permit Knowledge test. Range exercises include starting, stopping, shifting, riding in a straight line, cornering, swerving, and quick stops, preparing you for the Permit skills test.

Come prepared to ride with the required riding safety gear:

  • A helmet that meets DOT standards 
  • Long jeans or heavier material pants with no rips, tears or holes
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket that is weather appropriate
  • Eye protection such as glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses or goggles
  • Sturdy boots that cover the ankle with no more than a 1-inch heel.  No canvas high tops or boots with an elastic ankle covering.  Riding boots must be sturdy and provide a high level of abrasion protection for the foot and ankle.  
  • Gloves that are well fitting and cover the entire hand such as mechanic or motorcycle riding gloves that provide abrasion protection, grip and the ability to operate hand controls.  No bulky or snow gloves. 

In compliance with strict DOL requirements, you will not be able to ride without the above required riding gear.  Arriving without the required riding gear is a forfeit of your tuition.  

Are you a little nervous about learning to ride?  Would you be interested in calming those nerves?  We have a practical solution.

 has partnered with Yamaha Champions Riding School to offer you the Champ U online program with your beginner course at a discount.  This option is an excellent and convenient opportunity to greatly enhance your upcoming in-person training.  The Champ U online course consists of 40 videos, 32 drills and 43 quizzes designed to provide you with the knowledge and skillset to make riding safer and more fun. The aim is to improve the learning curve of new riders so you can get the absolute most out of your training.  The option to add access to Champ U will be available at Check-out.

You will receive a course confirmation from directly following your registration. This confirmation contains important information regarding your course. Be sure to locate it and review it carefully.

Motorcycle Beginner Permit Course

We offer this courses multiple times a week and at several different locations across Western Washington!  

Haven't been on a motorcycle in a few years or still learning the controls?

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The KickStart course will give new riders the confidence and foundation they need to attend The Beginner Motorcycle Permit Course