More Cornering Motorcycle Course

Advance Motorcycle Training

More Cornering

Advance Motorcycle Class
$ 225 8 hours of training
1 day course
  • Hazards in corners
  • Cornering techniques
  • Body positions
  • Power of the look
motorcycle students lined up waiting to take their endorsement test

2 & 3 Wheel Motorcycle | More Cornering

A Fair Amount of Motorcycle Experience

Have you ever had a defining moment while cornering? Are you a new rider that wants to have a better understanding about what to do while cornering?

This advanced motorcycle class provides riders the opportunity, at any skill level, to become more proficient at riding a motorcycle in corners. Whatever you ride, you will learn smoothness and finesse in cornering while gaining the necessary skills to turn more effectively despite road hazards and distractions that occur on every ride.

You will receive a course confirmation from directly following your registration. This confirmation contains important information regarding your course. Be sure to locate it and review it carefully.

Motorcycle More Cornering Course

We offer this courses multiple times a week and at several different locations across Western Washington!