Stick Shift Training

Washington DOL Approved Driver Education & License Testing

Stick Lessons

Ready to learn how to drive a manual transmission

Stick Lesson

Manual Transmission Training
$ 75
  • 1 hour driving lesson
  • Training car included

Prices as of 2022

Stick Lesson

Manual Transmission Training
$ 202
  • 3 one hour driving lessons
  • Training car included

Prices as of 2022

close up on drivers ed student hand learning to shift a manual transmission

Learn to Drive a Manual Transmission

Icon of transmission path shown on a gear shifter

‘s manual training cars have dual clutch pedals (one for you and one for the instructor) which will make the ins and outs of stick shift a smoother experience and transition for you! 

Great thing about learning how to drive our manual cars is you don’t have to worry about ruining the transmission on your own vehicle. Training in our manual vehicle while learning to drive stick shift will ensure your safety with our highly safety rated Honda Civic vehicle.

Our programs will help prepare drivers to make smart choices while driving in today’s traffic.

Driving a manual transmission vehicle requires special skills training, as this type of driving does not come naturally. All senses are brought into the equation.

stick training lessons will give you a thorough understanding of how the drivetrain of a manual transmission work. Understanding how a manual transmission works is extremely important to safely drive this type of vehicle. 

The ability to move through the gears smoothly, at the correct time and drive with safety is best learned in a real-time environment with a professional instructor.