About Our Program


We are committed to helping drivers make smart choices.

WMST Drive is a Washington DOL approved driver training school and driving skills and knowledge examiner. WMST’s main office is located in Everett, about 25 miles north of Seattle. We are committed to quality and providing a convenient and effective driver education program with skillful professional service. WMST Drive’s curriculum has been developed with the help of leaders and experts in the field of car, motorcycle and CDL education, and tailored specifically for Washington State. Our curriculum is regularly evaluated and updated to provide you the most robust driver education program possible. Our programs will help prepare drivers to make smart choices while driving in today’s traffic.

WMST is a Washington DOL approved car and motorcycle training school and knowledge and skills testing provider.

Our Instructors


Our Instructors have extensive training backgrounds. They also receive some of the best training in WA themselves, from advanced driving skills to having a higher level of communication skills. Our instructors must be students themselves every year to insure they understand your needs.

Our Motto

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows the individual to unlock their full potential.”

Member of DSAA


WMST is a member of the Driving School Association of the Americas. DSAA Mission:

    • To promote professionalism within the driving school industry
    • To help produce safe and proficient drivers through ethical and sound education and business practices.
    • To be a model through leadership to our governmental agencies and policy makers
    • To accommodate and promote the needs of our member schools
  • To cooperate with and support other safety-driven organizations

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