Endorsement Qualifying Course, 8 Hours

Endorsement Qualifying Course, 8 Hours

Endorsement qualifying courses are for riders that have a current Washington motorcycle permit and are ready to earn their full motorcycle endorsement.

The endorsement qualifying classroom session covers advanced street riding skills, improving your perception of hazards and hazardous situations, allowing you to self-evaluate your level of risk taking. Range exercises will practice advanced braking, cornering, hazard avoidance and handling techniques.

Endorsement qualifying eight hour courses include a three-hour classroom session and a five-hour range session designed to help you successfully pass the endorsement knowledge and endorsement skills tests included with your course, preparing you to become an educated and responsible rider.

Our instructors will do as much as possible to help you, but we can not guarantee that you will pass the endorsement knowledge and endorsement skills exams.

Training motorcycles are provided by WMST, or you can ride your own.

Required gear:

  • A helmet that meets DOT standards
  • Long jeans or heavier material pants with no rips, tears or holes.
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket that is weather appropriate.
  • Eye protection such as glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses or goggles.
  • Sturdy boots that cover the ankle with no more than a 1-inch heel.
  • Gloves that cover the entire hand.

If you plan to use your own motorcycle or scooter instead of using one of ours, it must pass a safety inspection that the instructors will perform at the beginning of the riding portion of the course. You will be asked to provide proof of ownership and show that you are insured on the motorcycle or scooter you plan to ride. It must be “street legal”, meaning all required equipment is functional and it must be registered with license plates on it. If your course is in Silverdale, you must also have a stock exhaust system to comply with noise restrictions.

Cancellation & Reschedule Policy

Refunds will ONLY be issued for cancellations made at least 10 days before the class. If you call to cancel less than 10 days before the class, you will forfeit your entire registration fee. If you would like to reschedule your class, there is a $25 rescheduling fee if rescheduled 10 days prior to the beginning of your class. If you are late, or do not show up for your class, you forfeit your entire registration fee.

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