What’s In A Teen Class

Teen Classes

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There are 15 two-hour and 20 minute class sessions in which our students will comprehensively cover many topics. 4 hours of AAA computer traffic simulation training. These topics consist of all Washington State topics for driver education and all subjects covered in the Washington license test. WMST covers many other topics we feel can help set the student up for success on today’s busy roads.

We ask parents to attend the first-class session with their child; this helps our parents understand their involvement from the beginning. In this session WMST shares with the parents their unique in car coaching and advising technique. We always encourage parents to come in, get to know the instructors and get an update on their child’s current challenges and success. Parents are also welcome to attend in car sessions.

Course Info

To meet state requirements, WMST’s Driver Education Course includes a minimum of:

  • • 30 hours of classroom curriculum
  • • 4 hours of AAA computer traffic simulation training
  • • Five (5) hours of behind-the-wheel training
  • • One (1) hour of in-car observation


30 hours in the classroom includes:

  • • Risk factors
  • • Signals, Signs and Markings
  • • Safe Driving Techniques
  • • Rules of the Road
  • • Knowing Your Car
  • • Starting & Stopping
  • • Parking, Braking and Turns
  • • Roadway Conditions
  • • Sharing the Road
  • • Emergencies

Behind-the-Wheel Sessions

There are a total of five (5) behind-the-wheel sessions in our dual brake controlled cars.

This is where each student gets the chance to learn not only the controls of the car, but where they need to be on the road in order to see hazards. All students must pass a basic evaluation of their road skill in order to qualify for a certificate of completion.

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