Advance Your Street Skills

There are timid riders, lucky riders and then there are great riders. The Advanced Street Skills program is all about advancing your skills to become a great rider. Experienced riders quickly learn that avoiding emergencies before they happen is better than reacting to them afterwards. Our program teaches the skills needed to spot and avoid common issues like decreasing radius corners before you enter them as well as cornering skills to handle surprises like sand that might appears mid-corner. Having advanced riding skills can take your joy and safety while riding to a new level. Decades of riding experience is not needed to become an advanced rider nor will decades of experience alone make you an advanced rider. 

Research indicates nearly all motorcycle crashes and fatalities are avoidable.  When compared against other U.S. based motorcycle training, only our Advanced Street Skills program compliments our unique approach to closed-course instruction with expert-level coaching and real-world, on-road and on-track environments. The Advanced Street Skills program educates and trains you to make lifelong behavior modifications by enabling awareness of personal abilities, limitations of you and your machine, risky habits, knowledge of motorcycle dynamics with advanced skills. Let us help you to expand your skill and technique whether you are commuter, racer, weekend warrior, or world traveler.

Who It’s For

The Advanced Street Skills Level 1 and Level 2 programs are for riders that want to be more comfortable and confident in their ability to mitigate risks and prevent emergencies before they occur and be better skilled to avoid and react when needed. If you are looking to have a better understanding of the capabilities and limits of your motorcycle(s) and improve your skills to better match your bike, then this is the training for you.

Advanced Street Skills was originally developed for the US military and uses closed course training environments, “Street Speed” riding courses, and on road environments to control risk and maximize learning while you advance your riding skills and road strategies. Whether you are new to motorcycling or a veteran rider with thousands of miles and dozens of motorcycle safety courses under your belt, the Advanced Street Skills is like no other training available in the United States.

If you want to be safer, ride with more confidence, or just know how to find the limits of your motorcycle then this is the program for you!


Why It Works

With over twenty years of developing advanced training programs including national and government programs Puget Sound Safety has acquired knowledge and research that is unmatched. Our experience training riders outside the confines of conventional training formats and our intensive research has given us the opportunity to distill the best and most effective methods and current information to offer to you.

Every activity and lesson will have a direct and immediate relation to your street riding, and our dynamic classroom and on-motorcycle training will add a fun factor that will have you learning faster than you ever thought possible. We not only teach you how to ride better but also ensure you understand the theory and application behind every lesson. You will understand motorcycle dynamics, traction theory and have a clear understanding of how your actions affect your motorcycle.


What It Covers

Riding activities include cornering, advanced vision techniques, threshold braking, precision riding skills, and trail braking for the street. All these skills are taught in a methodical step by step fashion to assure your maximum success while minimizing the risk.  These positive and fun learning methods help you better understand your motorcycles abilities and limitations compared to the capabilities of other vehicles and operators sharing the road with you.

Learn how to P.L.A.N. to Survive and the S.M.A.R.T. cornering technique. Training emphasizes critical skills needed for “Aggressively Defensive” riding: reading roads and corners, traction management, development of cornering skills, effective threshold braking at street speeds, mid-corner braking, night riding skills, and other road survival strategies.

Upon completion riders will have acquired top tier skillsets few riders possess.


  • Riders must bring their own motorcycle or scooter in proper working order.
  • Have enough experience to feel comfortable riding their own motorcycle.
  • Full protective gear is required for all riders, which includes a DOT-compliant helmet (full-face recommended), motorcycle jacket and pants, full-fingered gloves and boots that cover the ankles. Jeans are not allowed unless approved prior to the class date.
  • Tires must be in good condition and not beyond the wear markers.


Advanced Street Skills – Level 101

These are some of the topics covered during your level 101 training


      • Blending of Controls
      • Vision -> Home Position
      • Ground Clearance Management
      • Cornering Skills
      • Trail Braking for the Street
      • Traction Loading
      • Threshold Braking


      • P.L.A.N. to Survive (advanced survival strategy)
      • Introduction to the S.M.A.R.T.Cornering Technique
      • How to properly use and understand vision
      • Traction Dynamics and Management
      • Lane Position -> Line Selection and Turn Points
      • Road Reading -> Vanishing Point
      • Night Riding
      • Following Distances and Strategies

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