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Private Coaching


Private coaching available on a limited basis for riders who want a training program tailored to their needs. Please call the office to discuss your tailored training program with your personal adviser.


Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson began his motorcycling journey a long long time ago as a young man in England. After taking the CBT (compulsory basic training), and after making a lot of mistakes in rider’s choices, Chris found himself doing motorcycle track days. This is where Chris first discovered the value of training and set upon his journey to become an instructor.

Chris became a motorcycle instructor for both track and road riding which then lead him to become a mentor for the Institute of Advance Motorist for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

In 2005 Chris moved to the United States and found things to be very different in the process of training and receiving a motorcycle endorsement. After spending a few years settling into life in the Washington State and focusing on his first passion his two young boys Max and Sam, Chris found himself wanting to get back into training riders.

In 2008 Chris became a Washington State certified MSF instructor and went on to become a Washington State Motorcycle training contractor. He opened WMST (Washington Motorcycle Safety Training) based in Everett in 2009. Since their opening, Chris and his team have increased the number of students trained in that area by over 200%.

Carol Carpenter

Carol T. Carpenter, aka “White Tiger,” is the founder of, a website dedicated not only to women riders, but all people who love the sport of motorcycling. provides information and resources to riders in the Pacific Northwest, as well as offering private instruction on the street and on the track. She is an instructor and rider for Optimum Performance Rider Training, a non-profit track organization who is dedicated to helping riders develop their skills to be safer on the street. Carol also works with Washington Motorcycle Safety Training (WMST) in organizing women’s only classes and private street instruction.

Carol has made it her mission to address the lack of education most riders face. She wants to help inform and educate riders on how to become better, safer, and more confident on the road and track. With the increase in women riders, the market and industry is slow to respond, the gear is limited as well as our choices, the equipment doesn’t fit women well and the information on how to customize it questionable, knowledge is key. She says that riding is a dangerous sport; however, armed with knowledge, skills and focus, it is no more dangerous than any other activity. It is her passion and mission to help others in this sport that so many people love.

When not motorcycling, you can find Carol running, shooting, hiking, skiing, cycling, traveling, cooking, baking, and spending time with friends and family.

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