Meet the Owner

Meet Our Owner

Chris Johnson, Owner

chris-johnsonChris held several advanced driving certifications in England prior to becoming a US Citizen. He is an Institute of Advance Motorists, a Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor, a Washington State Driver Trainer.

Chris has authored multiple national training curriculums plus has been published in multiple traffic safety publications. He was an Authorized Heavy Vehicle Driving Assessor for TNT Express and was hazmat certified operator for the British Armed Forces. As a former BEMSEE and WMRRA Sport Bike Racer, Chris understands the passion for speed, but more importantly the need for training. Chris has trained racers and professional riders and drivers he has even trained our own Washington State Motor officers.

WMST (Washington Motorcycle Safety Training was founded in 2009 by Chris and has since become one of the largest training centers in the State. Go WMST Drive ( Go Washington Motorist Safety Training) was started a few years later with the goal of improving the quality of new driver training in Washington State.

Chris is a very proud of his WMST team and their professionalism dedicated to their work and looks forward to seeing you in one of the WMST classes soon.