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Advanced Traffic Interaction

Advanced Traffic Interaction is a post driver’s education course that gives teens the tools for success. It includes real world experience as the student develops a strategy for mentally processing the many hazards on today’s challenging roadways. The 3 C’s serve as WMST’s successful and unique in-house developed formula. This method is proven to be successful in multiple countries and while operating types of different motor vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and trucks/buses.

Parents are also welcome to ride along for this is the best way to learn how to in car coach your own child.

Why take the Advanced Traffic Interaction class?

How it works?

The general themes of this course are: Using mental perception strategies to anticipate hazards, situational awareness surrounding the driver, dynamic lane positioning, focus on minimizing risk and managing it on the street.


“But even when people are aware of the risks, they tend to believe they are more skilled than other drivers, and many still engage in driving behaviors they know are potentially dangerous. Prevention strategies should consider how people behave in reality, not only how they should behave.” –NSC

“The results also indicate that trained drivers were more accurate than untrained drivers in detecting haz¬ards in far-transfer scenarios (53.1% versus 27.1%).” –NHTSA

“Scanning correctly allows us to see our true SITUATION”


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Advanced Traffic Interaction

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